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Business Philosophy

The customer is everything.

Setting expectations, clear and effective communications, establishing trust, reliability, positivity, and

delivering a quality result, are all things that I strive for with each job, no matter how small.  

Handy Background

I purchased my first home in 2001 at 27 years of age and have since owned 5 different properties varying from

a 115 year old log cabin in the woods west of Boulder, to a very large, more recently built home on the 

front range.

My initial purchase was quite a learning experience. I wanted a fixer-upper, but what I ended up with was a

dwelling that needed a bulldozer more than anything else; aluminum wiring, galvanized plumbing,

deteriorating exterior brick, plaster and lathe walls, UGH! I spent the entire 12 years I owned that property,

and all of my properties since, learning so many lessons and honing my skills as a craftsman. 

My favorite thing to do is tinker with things and solve problems, and that has been true my entire adult life.

I am one of those people that has a VERY hard time hiring someone to do work around my house, but there are times when that is ABSOLUTELY necessary. I am well aware of my limitations, which are many and learned (ex: masonry should be left to trained masons).

I currently own 3 properties, and co-own/manage a cabinet and furniture refinishing business with my wife; Refinishing Everything Beautiful. At REB I do all the non-paint-related tasks, which are very much handyman-types of things


Techy Background

On the technical side, working from home for a very small software company between 2012 and 2019, also meant that I had to figure out how to setup, and then regularly troubleshoot, my own internet, IP phone, various computers, peripherals, and smart-home devices/electronics. I've probably experienced, and resolved, just about every issue that one might encounter in a home entertainment or home office setup!


Everything Else

When I'm not working I love to ski, snowboard, hike, and bike, or do something with my family or our tripod dog, Hiker. I absolutely love the mountains and activities that Colorado has to offer, and look forward to everyday life continues to give me!

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